What am I ?
Sex - refers to your physical anatomy that determines if your body is considered female or
Gender - is a psychosocial construct for classification.
Gender Identity - is a person's sense of their own gender
Gender Expression - is the gender you demonstrate to others.
Gender Variant - variation from society gender norms associated with one's physical sex.
Gender Dysphoria - is an overwhelming desire to assume the physiological characteristics
and social roles of the opposite sex.
Transgender - is an umbrella term used to describe gender variant people who have gender
identity expressions or behaviors not traditionally associated with their birth sex.  Not all
transgendered persons alter their physical anatomy.
Transvestite - Fetish in which a heterosexual male dresses in the clothing of the opposite
sex, as the primary means of sexual arousal.
Crossdresser -one who wears opposite gender clothing.
Transsexual - by definition is one who wishes to be considered a member of the opposite
sex and/ or has undergone a sex change.
Intersexed - people with chromosomal or physiological anomalies that lead to ambiguous
Stone Butch or No-ho/No-op are female bodies persons that live full-time in the male
gender role without the use of hormones or surgery.
Butch and femme are terms often used in the lesbian and gay subcultures to describe a
person's approximate adherence to traditional masculine and feminine gender roles
respectively, within a same-sex relationship.
Two Spirit - A native American term for people who blend the masculine and feminine.
Drag Queens or Drag Kings - Typically a gay man or lesbian (respectively) who wears
opposite gender clothing, makeup and displays mannerisms for their own or others
appreciation or for entertainment.
Gender Queer - a term used by many trans people who do not identify as either male or
Sexual Orientation - The desire for intimate emotional and sexual relationships with people
of the same gender (homosexual), or another gender (heterosexual), or more than one gender
Boi - misspelling of "boy" and used by young gay males, some female bodied transsexuals,
lesbians, dykes or queers, genderqueer or genderfucked.
If you think you might be transsexual/transgendered, or are not sure, use the
resources below to help you discover what you may be
"Gender Identity Disorder as identified by psychologists and medical doctors is a condition
where a person who has been assigned one gender "..." but identifies as belonging to another
gender, or does not conform with the gender role their respective society prescribes to them.
It is a psychiatric term for what is widely known by terms like transsexuality, transgender and
(subject to debate, but full-fledged GID is present in at least some cases) transvestism or
This feeling usually is reported as "having always been there", although in many cases it
seems to appear in adolescence or even in adulthood, and has been reported by some as
intensifying over time. Since many cultures strongly disapprove of cross-gender behaviour, it
often results in significant problems, for example a severe identity crisis. In many cases
discomfort is also reported as stemming from feeling like one's body is "wrong" or meant to
be different."   
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Gender Questions
Do you like being the gender you are?
Do you like your body shape?
Do you like your genitals?
Does being a man, or woman depress you?
Have you ever wanted to kill yourself because of being perceived as your birth     gender?
Have you ever wanted to kill yourself because of your gender?
Have you ever attempted to correct your birth gender by threatening to cut off your genitals?
In an ideal world, would you be the opposite gender?
Do you have a history of wanting to be the opposite gender?
Would you like to take hormones for the opposite gender?
Are you interested in sex reassignment surgery?

If you answered yes to some or most of these questions, you are likely a
transsexual/ transgendered  person.  For an accurate evaluation, you need to see a
therapist who specializes in treating transsexual/transgendered people.

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Resources page for a therapist near you.
Gender Identity Disorder
"A transsexual (sometimes transsexual) person establishes a permanent identity with the
opposite gender to their assigned (usually at birth) sex. Transsexual men and women make
or desire to make a transition from their birth sex to that of the opposite sex, with some type
of medical alteration (gender reassignment therapy) to their body. The stereotypical
explanation is of a "woman trapped in a man's body" or vice versa, although many in the
transsexual community reject this formulation. For the exact wording of formal diagnosis, see
gender identity disorder.

The minimum requirements for a person to be considered transsexual are debated. Some
feel that hormone-induced changes, without surgical changes, are sufficient to qualify for the
label transsexual. Others, especially health care providers, believe there is a certain set of
procedures that must always be completed. The general public often defines "a transsexual"
as someone who had or plans to have a "sex change" surgery. The current term in widest use
for modification of sexual characteristics is sex reassignment surgery (SRS), a term which
reflects the belief that transsexual people do not consider themselves to be changing their
sex, but to be correcting their bodies."
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